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Joltid develops and provides peer-to-peer based solutions, which deliver value and cost savings to a variety of applications, and enables new businesses for our customers.

Welcome to Joltid

Joltid is the world's leader in peer-to-peer technologies.

Joltid was founded in 2001, by the team who created Kazaa, with a vision that a peer-to-peer networking layer would eliminate the costs and complexity of launching massively scalable internet businesses, enabling many new opportunities.

Over the years Joltid has created several products that uses peer-to-peer technology for various applications, including PeerEnabler™ (a virtual Content Distribution Network) and PeerCache™ (a cache product that enabled network operators to optimize peer-to-peer traffic).

Joltid also created its current flagship product, Global Index™. Global Index is the world’s most technologically advanced, scalable and field-tested peer-to-peer technology. Global Index creates a self-organizing and self-healing distributed storage, transport and data object management system that does away with the costs of traditional datacenter solutions and enables a range of applications from communications to broadcasting and beyond.

The biggest implementation of Global Index to date has been Skype where Global Index enables peer-to-peer voice, video and chat communications.

Joltid also holds a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property including US patent 7,480,658, covering distributed database systems and co-ordinated decentralized peer-to-peer computing.